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What a great time we had in Missouri! The last time we visited was about 4 years ago. So it was long overdue for us to visit friends there. It was a real blast from the blast bringing back all the memories we had from our time at the training center. We had a great time with lots of friends who I didn’t get pictures of.  But you know who you are and we loved spending time with you.



Dave and Carolyn Meyers are some great people and mentors we have known since Bible school and we were able to spent some time catching up with them.



Keith playing with Superman aka Brian


Did you know Batman drinks from a sippy cup?


We ended up buying a van! It was a great deal from some great people!


Since we bought a van in Missouri, we were able to get our ticket money credited and not lose our money, so we could drive it back to PA to pack up before we head to Florida.  Micah and I both have aunts in Ohio, but we haven’t seen his for quite some time. We drove 11 hours in one day to get there and visit with his aunt and cousin and also her children for the evening. The next day we had just a short 5 hours to get back here to Pennsylvania.

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