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Busy, busy


Just recently I got my hair chopped off.  For some reason I like to do this every few years.  Remember last time when I got it cut really short in Moscow? It’s been falling out a lot from breastfeeding, and long hairs everywhere were getting annoying.  And the static will be starting soon, and anyone with long hair know that gets annoying too.  And even though it looks like I darkened my hair, I did no such thing.  Even though you can’t see it all, what do you think?


Happy Keith even with his leg stuck


Future guitar player? I hope so.  She loves music just like daddy and sister.


See those marks?  Yes, they are teeth marks from the budding guitar player.

She did spit it back out after finding out that it doesn’t taste very good.


This little one likes finding new rocks outside.  And I guess she didn’t want this new rock to get away.


This is one of her favorite activities.  She always wants to help carry him for me.


She loves her brother!


Our three little cutie pies!

Besides being busy with these kiddos, taking them outside a couple times a week, keeping the apartment clean and tidy, I am studying at the University two days a week in the afternoons.  Micah is busy going 5 days a week in the mornings and doing homework every day.  And we are always trying to meet new people here as well. We have introduced ourselves to our neighbors and we are hoping some relationships develop there. Please be thinking of us in this area.

For those interested in the weather here, it has been averaging about -10 degrees Celsius lately.  Today we got more snow as well, maybe just half an inch or so. It seems a lot nicer with snow on the ground, keep the dirt on the roads and the on the playgrounds to a minimum.

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