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One Month

Our little baby boy has reached a big milestone, one month old!  He has these scrawny little arms and legs, and he is really long.  He is eating good, and it is still challenging at times to get him eat every 3 hours.  This boy likes to sleep!  A lot of times he goes about every 3.5 hours sometimes 4. But he does have his moments of wake time unless he is being held.  This might be a struggle in the future when we do our sleep training with him.  He isn’t on a consistent schedule yet.  I’m not too worried about it until we get settled in our next apartment in Siberia.  This kid is always pooping too!  I’ve started using our cloth diapers, but I’m washing them almost every day to keep up with this little guy!

Micah told me today he made Keith smile.  I thought, no way, not already.  But he did it again, and I got it on video.  Enjoy!




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