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A visit to the dentist

Violet had her first cleaning at the dentist.  I’ve been prepping her for when the day would come and I think it paid off.  She did great!  She did exactly what the hygienist asked her to do.  No crying, just obedience.  I love when that happens!!

Happy to be at the dentist

Happy to be at the dentist


Sitting still while the hygienist cleans her teeth


All clean, no cavities!


Also visiting Rachel at work


Getting the final check from the dentist

I’m so proud of our Violet.  I have seen kids act up badly while at the dentist (when I used to work there), so I was very happy our little girl was so good.  After the hygienist finished cleaning her teeth, she told Violet her teeth were all sparkly.  When we got home, she looked in the mirror and said to me, “Mom, I don’t see any sparkles.”  So cute!

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