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Our little pumpkins

We didn’t get to go to a pumpkin patch back in PA, so we went to one not too far away from Micah’s mom’s house.  It didn’t quite have the same feel here in California as it does back east.  It wasn’t nice and cool out, like it should be this time of year for this kind of thing, but more of a warm summer day.  We went to a place called Underwood Family Farms.  They had lots of cool stuff for the kids to do, pony rides, different animals, a play area, and there was a John Deere combine with an added slide down the back.  The girls had a fun time, but it was very hard to get good pictures of them.  They were being very difficult!

Not sure if there was excessive bbq-ing in the past or what

No smiles, it was very difficult to get them to even look up!

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