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In case you didn’t hear in the news lately, the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its way 12 miles, along the streets of LA, from the LA airport to the California Space Center. Here’s the link. People weren’t allowed on the sidewalks, but there were certain spots the shuttle made a few stops for a short period of time. Rachel and I decided to head down to LA to one of the spots it was going to sit at for about half an hour, so they said.

Well, we arrived in the area, no problem. There was no traffic and we found a great free close parking spot. We headed on foot with a lot of other people wanting to see the shuttle too.

This was around 2pm

Keira was with us and found a friend

Not sure, but a line of cops making their way through the crowd

They even had a stage set up in the area with a big screen.  After the show that they put on, which was some dance group, they took a short break.  There was no space shuttle in sight.  It was about an hour after they had said the shuttle was going to get there.  Finally we heard people talking and we asked some around us where it was.  Turns out, it was waaay down the road yet.  And this thing was only moving 2 mph.  Very slowly.

People started sitting down on the street

Kids were getting tired

And it was pretty hot out there, just standing in the sun.  Right beside us was a mall, so we decided we would head inside for a short time, cool off then come back out.  Inside the mall, anytime we heard an update it was supposedly just going to be another hour.  We kept hearing that.  We were able to watch some news on the tv that was playing in the walmart.  It was about 6 or so and we went back outside.

Ahead of us

Behind us

Around 7 we finally noticed some lights down the street.  It looked like something was finally headed our way.  Now with the sun down, it was getting chilly out and I didn’t bring Keira’s bottle or formula with us either.  So we thought we would go into Walmart quick, grab some stuff for Keira, get us some hoodies and run back out in time to see the shuttle coming down the road.  We get our stuff and as we are checking out the checkout girl mentions something about how they let her out to see the shuttle.  I said, oh they will?  No, they did already.  She was already out and saw it!  What???  We didn’t know what was going on.  There is no way!  We were just out there!!  So we ran out of the store, around the corner, down the street a bit and there it was…

It made its way to that corner finally around 8 pm.  It was supposed to be there at 2 pm!  I guess there were some spots in the road where it didn’t quite fit.  So they needed to cut some trees down or move things.  We were happy we just witnessed this thing in person.  It was huge!  And really cool.  After October 30 it will be on display for everyone to see at the California Science Center in LA.

Here are some really cool pictures I found on the internet, to show you the size of this thing.

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