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I’m a bit behind in pictures these days.  These pictures are from all the canning we did at my mom’s house.  Every year my brother and sister-in-law come up to make applesauce, so they make theirs and my moms at the same time.  A few weeks later I helped mom make her chili sauce and pickles too.  It is a lot of work to can, but it yields some great results that can be enjoyed all year long.  It really makes me want to can when we move back to Russia.

So begins the applesauce canning with lots of helpers…

So after the washing and cutting, they get boiled down

Then it gets run through the kitchen aid which strains out the skins

Next it gets sugared and poured into jars

Then into the canner to seal the lids

Delicious finished product

Now on to the chili sauce…


And more cutting

boiling and boiling

Then into the jars they go and that’s about it.

And lastly pickles (which is also the name of their cat, but I’m pretty sure he’s still living)…


I put Violet to work on these


















They get cut and put into jars, then my mom put some spices over top and made a brine and poured that over top. Then off to the canner. It takes a long time to get everything done, but the end product is always so enjoyable.

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