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Last week, Katrina’s side of the family, took their week long biannual vacation in Amish country. We have missed going and getting to see family for the last two years, so this year it was so nice to be able to be there with everyone. We were one of the few families who stayed the whole week. Some families just come for a day or two or three. It was very relaxing and filled with lots of laughter, singing, good food and interesting conversations.

Aunt Darlene and Rachel with the girls

Relaxing and enjoying the view

This amazing view

Hey brother!

Watching the cows

Riding our Aunt and Uncles scooters around the area

One happy auntie

Micah playing with Hannah and sharing with everyone about our adventures and future plans

The only really flat place around for the pool

Our little photographer

Taking turns for the last of the home made ice cream

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