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Vinegar wings

A little while ago I was inspired by the super bowl to make some wings for supper, even though we didn’t watch it, wings sounded like a good idea. So like always, I found a recipe on Oh! I take that back! Micah found it for me on that site and I was the one who went to the store to buy the groceries. The recipe called for vinegar and he said we needed some at home, so I got some vinegar with the rest of the food we needed and headed home. After breading and frying the wings in butter (stay with me), you mix together a sauce that you pour over them while they bake. This is where the vinegar comes in. This is what I added:

After mixing up the sauce and putting them in the oven, after about 15 minutes I opened the door to check on them and the vinegar was so strong it burned my eyes and I could hardly breathe! Something was terribly wrong. I found the vinegar bottle that I had bought and this is what I found:

It reads: BE CAREFUL! Without dilution with water it is dangerous to life

Umm, yeah. I definitely bought the wrong bottle of vinegar. This one is 70%! And needs to be diluted in water. I think it said a half cup to about a liter of water!!

The dangerous bottle beside the regular one

Well, I tried to save the wings by dumping out the sauce and trying over. They were actually pretty good in the end. Next time I buy vinegar, I will definitely be looking closer at the label.

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