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Freezing temperatures, Ear Infection and a visit from home

Hi Friends!

It’s been awhile since I (Micah) have posted anything, so I wanted to give you all an update. 

First of all, we had our coldest day this winter! It got down to around -18 degrees fahrenheit! My face froze as soon as I walked outside, but I couldn’t help but think that where we will be moving it is around -30! 

A lot of our people have been sick lately here in Moscow, including Violet and Keira. Over a week ago they both got bad colds, Violet had a fever for a couple days and unfortunately Keira got an ear infection. Violet has recovered, and Katrina has been giving Keira medication for her ears. Tomorrow, Katrina and Keira head to the doctor for a check-up, so we hope that Keira’s ear has cleared up!

About a week ago, we had the privilege of having a friend from PA visit us for dinner! He was here on some other business and took some extra time to come and see us.  We were really encouraged by his visit. 

Finally, most of our readers probably got our newsletter already but the big news is that we are finishing up the language program here in Moscow and coming home this summer! We will probably be home for about six months, so it will be good to see all of you and catch up before we move to Siberia. =)

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