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Baby, it’s cold outside…

Today we woke up to a nice sunrise and the sun stayed all day like it has been the last couple of days. It’s been so nice to see the sun this many days in a row.

You may be thinking, Oh, so it’s warmed up then? HA. No. This morning it was a brisk -19 degrees Celsius (-2 degrees F). We really don’t mind the cold that much, which is a good thing because wherever we will be ending up in Siberia, it will be a lot colder. Both Micah and I, and the girls it seems, are usually always warm. We always have warm hands, warm feet, and just warm bodies.

There are things we like and dislike about the cold weather such as;

Like: Getting dressed with lots of warm layers and feeling warm while out in the cold.
Dislike: Getting sweaty as soon as you walk into any building with the heat on because of all of the layers you are dressed in.

Like: Seeing all the pretty fur coats and hats people are wearing.
Dislike: Seeing all the frozen spit and animal droppings left on the sidewalks.

Like: Feeling healthy after a nice brisk walk.
Dislike: Not feeling your nose and cheeks after said brisk walk.

Like: When your daughter makes up songs about how cold it is outside that sounds like this:

Its cold , its cold.
Its snowy, its windy.
Its snowy, its windy
Its cold outside…

I am sitting on a sled.
Its so funny.
Its so funny.
Its so funny.
Its so funny.
The sled is funny.
Ha, and the sled is funny.
The sled is over.
Ok, you gotta take a nap right now.

(I was writing this as she was singing while standing on her sled looking at herself in the mirror. If I get up to get the camera to record her she will stop.)

BTW… she has been doing A LOT of that lately. Just singing everything that comes into her head. It is really funny. And it reminds me of the days growing up where my mom and I would do the same thing. We kinda just sang while we talked to each other though. Ha ha, remember that, Mom?

And I’ll leave you with two super cute pictures of the girls. Thanks for the cute outfit, Aunt Elaine!!

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