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This past Sunday we invited a bunch of our friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving, American style, aka tons of food. We invited over 30 people and had 27 people show up. Yes, it was quite crowded and very warm, but it was a fun time. And there was enough food, with a few leftovers too! We are thankful for everyone that showed up because it’s nice being with friends this time of the year. We had a party here last year too with about the same amount of people. You can check that out here. This year I was busy with getting the food ready and taking care of Keira that we didn’t get very many pictures, but you all know what turkey and all the fixing’s looks like. 🙂

A thank you to you ladies that helped make and bring food and then helped get the meal ready, it was nice to have lots of helping hands.

Max & Tanya

Plenty of desserts!

Here are some pictures from a friends camera:

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