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The past few days…

...I made Chicago style deep dish pizza for the first time. Yum!

...we got a new washer!

We are so thankful for the great landlords we have here. Our other washer was having problems, every time I would start a load of clothes the fuse would pop and usually I would just flip the switch and it would start up no problem. Well, after doing that for a couple weeks, it decided that it was time to die for good. We had let our landlords know before when there was a problem with the fuse popping and now that the washer had finally quit working and they got us a new washer. Well, the apartment has a new washer. This time the language on it is in Russian and not German, which helps me out a bit.

...we took a walk through our nearby forest

...and Violet really wanted to go there just to go potty

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