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Pictures and Presents!

So about 2 weeks ago we had friends, Erin and Emma who are from out east, come to Moscow for a visit, and they needed to get some paperwork done, or maybe the other way around. 🙂 They were actually here during Thanksgiving, but I forgot about these pictures. We had lots of fun hanging out and getting to know them better. And Violet really loved playing with Emma.

Erin and Emma

And today we got two packages in the mail!!! I was super excited knowing that we would be able to have Christmas presents here from family, in addition to presents from Micah’s mom and the folks from EBC that we have already received.

Thank you Nelson, Sheri, Tylan, Luke, Jenna and Brinley!! We, ok…I was so excited that I opened your package without taking a picture. But the presents were wrapped up, so you guys know what that looks like. And thank you Mom, Dad and Rachel for the other package, the very large package!

stuffed with presents and a few other goodies!

Thanks to both of you guys! We love you!

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