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Loose Pants!

Hi Everyone,

So Katrina & I have been losing weight because we walk everywhere and we don’t eat out anymore. That sets the background for this story:

The other night while I was standing in line for a van taxi, I got some coins out of my pocket to pay for the ride. After I had gotten the right change, I put the coins in what felt like the little coin pocket in my jeans but I actually put them inside my pants. They slid down my leg and landed in my shoe, so until I got to my destination I was walking around with coins in my shoe!

I came home that night and said to Katrina, “You know that your losing weight when you accidently put coins in your pants instead of in your pocket.” She thought it was very funny and insisted I blog about it.

Do you think it’s funny? Write us an email and let us know. =)

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