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Support Update

Hi Friends,

Now that we have been here in Moscow for four months, we have had some time to finalize our budget and work out our expenses for each month. When we left for Moscow back in May we were around 75% supported, currently we are at 76%. We know many of you have been thinking about this for us and we wanted to give you an update and let you know that we are still looking for partners to invest in this important task.

At this time, we are in need of about $500 more a month. It’s not a big amount and we know that He can provide it – 5 individuals at $100 a month or 10 at $50 a month.

Would you think about this for us? Being fully supported is just one important aspect of being able to do our job here.

We appreciate your thoughts on this, if you would like to be involved in helping us reach that $500 dollar goal, please email us at

Thanks for checking out our blog!

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