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The Road Ends…Back home in Pennsylvania

Hi Friends!

Well, after 8,000 miles, 11 stops in 7 states, 6 speaking engagements & 2 months on the road we made in back safely to PA last night. It was a great feeling to sleep in our own bed and wake up in our house this morning!

It was an amazing trip, we feel so blessed and encouraged – it couldn’t have gone any better. We raised about 10% more of our support as well which is a huge encouragement. We need to raise at least 10% more before we leave in May so please think about that for us.

Thanks to all of you who welcomed us in your homes, fed us and encouraged us as we drove across the country.

And a big thanks to all of you who checked our blog faithfully and followed us around the country, it was exciting to see how many people checked our blog each day. Please keep checking back, we will be updating this blog for the next couple months as we prepare to leave for N. Asia and we will continue to update it while we are there.

We leave you with some final pictures of our stay in Ohio!

Thanks for traveling with us!

We had dinner with Katrina's relatives in Ohio

Nancy & Elaine with Violet

Katrina, her cousins & babies. What else do you need?

Violet happy to be headed home!

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