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From the Road…Last night in Missouri

Hi Friends!

We had a great Sunday here in Camdenton! We attended our local fellowship here and left really encouraged. This evening, our wonderful hosts, the Aubuchons, suggested that we invite some friends over their house tonight. So tonight we had dinner and visited with five different couples here at the Aubuchon house. It was a great time catching up with all of them. Here are some pictures from the night.

First off, we have Megan & Carolyn enjoying Violet as well as a final picture with the Meyers family.




Carolyn walking around with Violet


open wide!


Great friends!

And finally, we have some pictures with the Aubuchons – we really enjoyed our time with them! They let us live with them for the entire week which was a huge blessing. We have become really good friends with them and it will be sad to leave them tomorrow. They might miss Violet more than us though. =) We love you guys!


Pastor Bob playing with Violet


Val bonding with Violet


Pastor Bob, Val & Sam

Well, tomorrow morning we leave Missouri to start our final drive home to Pennsylvania but we have two more stops to make, one in Indiana and one in Ohio. More to come!

Thanks for traveling with us!

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