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From the Road – Simi Valley…Tea Time/Friend Time

On Thursday Katrina took Darlene (Micah’s mom) out to tea for her birthday, since it is one of Darlene’s favorite things to do. We went to the High Tea Cottage in Woodland Hills, this place it ranked number 1 of 306 tea rooms in all of California. We found it from So if you are looking for a tea place to go to, this is the website to check out. Going to tea is a new thing for me, but its really enjoyable.


Tea Time


delicate desserts with my tea


birthday girl

Friday was a busy day for us. We went to a friends house for lunch and a different friends house for dinner. For lunch we got to visit Tim and Kate and their kids Tyson, Owen, Seth and baby-to-be. They are such a great solid family! We had a fun time talking and playing the Wii, The Beatle’s Rock band. Then in the evening we went over to Jim and Robin’s house. Robin makes the best food! She had awesome guacamole made especially for me, caeser salad, and for Micah she made wonderful salmon. And to top it all off we had pecan pie, thanks to Marie Callendar’s for that one though. And they have a great big golden retriever, Bette, who Violet was stealing all the attention from. Enjoy the pics!


Tim, Micah & Tyson rockin out with Seth dancing


Owen and Tyson playing with Violet


Owen making Violet smile


group pic


Jim holding Bette down for Violet to come pet


happy times with Robin and Jim

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