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Language Update & Transportation Need

Hi Friends!

Micah writing here, just wanting to let you all know that I have finished the Russian language course here in Moscow!! Two years, 124 lessons, five days a week.  Its a great feeling to know that I have finished and we are getting ready to start the next chapter in our life here in Russia. 

You probably have three questions on your mind right now. 

1. Are you fluent?  The answer to that question is No! with a hearty laugh. =) Russian is a super tough language, and although I can speak well in most situations, I have some years to go before I am fluent. I would say that a minimum of 5 years living in Russia is needed to become fluent. 

2. So where is Katrina at in language? Katrina will not quite finish the course here in Moscow.  Ever since Keira was born she has only been studying part-time. But she will continue studying (as will I) Russian when we move out to Siberia in January. 

3. And what about Violet? Can she speak Russian? Violet understands a lot of Russian and can speak a little bit. She regularly spends time with some Russian friends, and her Russian is always improving.  We expect her to become fluent in the years to come. 

We are excited to come back to the states and see you all!  Will you be thinking about one request?  We really need a car while we are in PA. We will be doing a bit of traveling within PA visiting and speaking, so do you know of anyone who has an extra car to loan out?  That would be a huge blessing! 

Thanks for checking out our blog! 

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