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Funeral and an Arrest

Hi Friends,

Today some new areas of Russian culture were opened up to me. I had the sad opportunity to attend a Russian funeral today. Tragically, a young married couple from our Sunday fellowship was killed in a car accident earlier this week. Thankfully, they are in a much better place right now but it was still sad to have to say goodbye to them today. I was interested to see how a Russian funeral differs from funerals in America and it turned out that it was not too much different from a funeral you might attend in America. This probably because of the fact that they were children of the King, a traditional secular Russian funeral I have heard is much different.

The second interesting part of my day occurred when I entered the metro to head home. An acquaintance of mine was being accosted by the полиция (police). Apparently there was some problem with his metro ticket. I, unfortunately, got there after the fact and he was in the process of being dragged by the police into their office. He saw me and yelled for help, asking me to call somebody, he was shouting that he was being unfairly treated and being arrested without just cause. I felt bad for him, but there was nothing I could do. I’m not even sure what he did (or did not do). I got in touch with one of my other friends and asked him to help. Hopefully, it is nothing to serious!

Anyway, it was an interesting day here! Thanks for reading our blog.

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