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Siberian Trip Pt. 4

Hi Friends!

The next set of pictures are of when we went to the river to have a barbecue. We planned on having a nice, relaxing afternoon at the river but I ended up seeing what a party usually looks like in this area. Some policemen arrived to celebrate a promotion and that involved the slaughtering of a sheep, they ended up eating the whole sheep, I mean everything! I will spare you the more gory pictures, lets just say it was a very interesting afternoon!

Hudson likes to drive from time to time

Getting ready...

This was our barbecue, delicious!

They boiled the sheep in a big pot, look at all that yummy stuff! =/

This was my bowl of assorted sheep parts. Not so delicious =(

The van broke down as we were about to leave...

It was an interesting day! More to come later…

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