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Insurance Update

Hi Friends,

Well, after many emails and conversations we have gotten word that our insurance company will not work with the hospital that Katrina has been going to. This means that we will have to pay for Katrina’s pre natal care and delivery, submit the claim, then the insurance company will reimburse us. There is a slight problem with this, we do not have the $9,000 needed to pay!

So, at this point we have two options – temporarily borrow $9,000 from friends or family in the states and pay them back when the insurance company pay’s us back OR say goodbye to the hospital and have a home birth. (Katrina laughed when she read this, that really isn’t an option – especially since Violet was a c-section.)

We would appreciate your thoughts about this, we are not sure what to do! If you have any options that we haven’t thought of, let us know, or if you or someone you know will lend us $9,000 let us know that too! =)

thanks for checking out our blog!

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