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Exciting News!

Hi Friends,

We have two updates for you!

First, we are very happy to tell you that we have received all of the funds needed to provide for our Siberian trip, visa renewals and insurance!! It has been so awesome to see how He provides through His people. What is even more amazing, is that it has been only 2 weeks since we told you about our needs! A big thank you to those of you who have helped. Would you still keep our visa situation in your thoughts? We still don’t know if we will have to leave the country to re-apply. We would prefer not to, as this would take time away from our language study and it would be an added expense.


Katrina is pregnant!!! She is about 12 weeks along and so far everything seems normal. We are planning on having the baby here so we would ask for your thoughts during the next 6 months as we prepare.

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