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Hi Friends,

This last weekend I had the privilege of traveling six hours west to visit the city of Smolensk. I went with some friends from our Sunday group to bring some Christmas cheer to an orphanage there. We had such a great time playing, singing and telling them about the meaning of Christmas! It was a sad time for me as well, there are 115 kids who live their without parents who love them. When we left Sunday afternoon, there was a face at every window begging us to stay just a little bit longer. Hopefully, sometime, I can go back.

Thanks for checking out our blog.

Part of the wall that surrounded Smolensk. It's a city with rich history, both Napoleon & Hitler's armies conquered it.

The orphanage

The kids waiting for us to set up

Out in the cold with Ruvim

We brought a bunch of homemade cookies, every kid got five. They loved it!

After we sang, some boys helped me play my guitar. =)

Some of my new friends

We brought a Christmas tree and the kids decorated it.

His beautiful children

On Sunday afternoon we put together a sweets table. Every kid got a plate piled high with cookies and candy. We also put a pear on the plate for some good health. =)

Now that's what I call dessert!

My last photo as we were leaving. A face was at every window...

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