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Turkey Party!

On Saturday we had a party with our Russian friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. We were able to find two small turkeys, and of course, we had all the fixin’s to go with it. After eating we played a wild game of spoons, it was a great time! Here are some pictures,

Kostia & Elizabeth carving the turkeys

Violet, Larissa, Ruvim & Anya

Ready to eat!


More eating...

Violet, Pasha & Emma playing

Eating again...

Emma & Violet

Preparing for spoons

Reaction shot: One of the kids broke a vase and we caught three different expressions.

Ruvim was happy

Diving in for a spoon!

Kostia, Diliya, Katrina & Elizabeth

With my friend Ruvim

The final two, Ruvim & Vanya. Vanya won.

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