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Today we got our first package from family in PA. It only took two months to get here! But it finally came. Before we were able to get the package though, first you get a notice in the mail from the post office saying you have a package. Then you have to go the post office nearest you and pick it up. There are two post offices pretty close to us, so Micah and Andrei decided to go for a walk to the one we had already been to. Some time later they come home empty handed! Oh no! What happened? Micah said that that post office didn’t have it. So they decided to walk to the other one just a little bit further in the other direction. When they got home, Micah says, guess who its from? Yay! From Nelson and Sheri! Thanks guys!! It definitely made our month!

Thanks for the pictures boys! They are now on the fridge.

Checking out the goodies!

By the way, the weather is just a tad cooler than it has been (90F better than 100F), it sprinkled for a bit today and the smog has cleared a lot. Not totally, but its way better than it has been.

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