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The other night we heard this loud boom! And then another. This has happened a couple of times actually, and its normally when its dark out, so about 10 or 11 at night. Fireworks! This last time they shot up quite a bit of them I was really excited to get a picture of them. Since we didn’t get to see any fireworks here for the 4th of July, I kind of miss them. So every time we hear fireworks outside, I gotta jump up and go see them really quick before they stop. Of course Micah says, “Come on! You’ve seen fireworks before.” I guess I can’t get enough of them right now and I like the view we have from our apartment.

For your info… I asked someone why they set them off occasionally, and they said it is usually when they have a wedding they will set off fireworks.

I was trying out the fireworks setting on my camera

If you were wondering, that other bright spot is the moon

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