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What is going on!?!

This is what I was saying to myself this afternoon, “what is going on?”. Here’s what happened… I’m checking out at the nearby grocery store, and the normal things are happening. The cashier asks if I want a bag (because you have to pay for them here) and I say Nyet (no). She continues to ring up my groceries and when she is finished, I see how much I owe her and proceed to pay her. This is when the craziness begins. She rattles off a ton of Russian all of which I do not understand. And it is way more than normal. I just look at her and shrug and think to myself, “I don’t know what you are saying, lady!”. I wasn’t smart enough at the time to say “I don’t understand,” in Russian. She repeats herself, which doesn’t do me any good, so I shrug again. Then she takes a slip of paper and writes down a few words in Russian and then points to the cashier way down at the other end. So I take my groceries, receipt, and the slip of paper and I start walking. At the stores here there are usually security guards walking around, so I decided to give the paper to him. He looks at it, looks at me, then starts walking to where the first cashier lady pointed. He goes to some kind of registration desk and hands the lady there the slip of paper with the Russian writing and my receipt. They read the paper and then hand me this:

A hat!!

I got a free baseball hat with the name of the store on it, Victoria (in red). I guess something I bought meant that I got a hat? Who knows. I was just stunned and kind of laughing and didn’t really know what to do next. Another security guard had walked up, kind of laughing and saying something. So I thought I would offer it to him. I did and he said no, no, no. So I put the hat in my bag and said spasiba (thank you). Then we say bye and I leave kind of wondering what in the world just happened. It was all so very strange.

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