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Little Woman

For those of you who haven’t seen our sweet little one lately, I thought you would enjoy a pic of her. She wandered off into our bedroom and decided to play with some of mommies shoes, so I thought it might be cute to let her try them on.

Growing too fast!

But with these shoes on she will fit it perfectly with the Russian woman here. Most of them wear dressy shoes, it seems like all the time. Now the little girls may have some sort of dressier shoes on, but definitely not heels, that would be interesting!!

It doesn’t seem to faze her that most everyone around her is speaking a different language. We are really excited about her picking it up! Most likely before us. She hasn’t really picked up any new words yet. She still says: Momma, Dadda, Baby, Dog in English. And I think she tries to say “this” but it sounds like “thith”. And the same for “that” ends up being something like “thath”.

She loves pulling all of the band aids out of their package, leaving them all over the floor when she’s done and then wanders off to find something else to pull apart. And lately Micah has been letting her play guitar with him, its really cute. She seems so proud of herself. And one more thing, the light switches here are really low, so she can turn them on and off. Well, most of the switches are outside of the room. So as I’m typing, Violet was switching the light on and off with Micah inside the toilet room. Its so funny, for me anyway, maybe not for Micah, as there are no windows in the toilet room. LOL!!

Well, I hope you got your V fix for the day. Thanks for checking in!

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