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Grocery Overload

Today I was able to go shopping with a friend here who has her own car. The place is called Ashan, and it is a huge grocery/everything else store. Its kinda like a Super Walmart except way bigger, can you imagine that? The grocery part was just so large and overwhelming. There were sooo many people there, it was easier to leave your cart at the end of an aisle to go find what you need then come back to it. We were in need of some start up items for our kitchen, so this was the perfect place to go. I wanted to snap a picture with out looking like a silly American so I did it really quick for everyone to just get a glimpse of what it looked like.


I made a lot of good finds, of course with the help of my friend who is an expert here now, so I thought you might be interested to see what some of them look like.

Milk - pretty much the biggest container of it

Baking Powder

Vanilla - yes, in packets. No liquid goodness here.


Can you guess?... its Mayo! They do have tubs, but this was easier to get.

And of course we gotta have Coffee!

Two interesting things about the grocery store as of right now, the spices come mostly in packets. It doesn’t seem very economical because you’re only getting this tiny amount in each packet. And in the produce section, after you pick out what you want you have to get it bagged and weighed before you move on to another part of the store. Not sure quite why yet, maybe no scales at the register?

We do have another smaller grocery closer to our apartment, but it seems a bit more expensive so I was very thankful to go this huge one today. I hope you enjoyed the pics!

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