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День Победы-Victory Day

Hi Friends!

Yesterday we celebrated one of the biggest holidays here in Russia – Victory Day. This day celebrates the victory we had over fascism during WWII. There is always a big parade at Red Square followed by lots of fireworks in the evening. We watched the parade on television, then took a 4 mile walk to a cathedral that I have been wanting to see for a long time. It was a beautiful day, so there were many people out walking. At 10pm, we had a great view of the fireworks from our apartment window.

View from our apt. Can you see the cathedral poking out of the forest? That is where we walked.

Path through the forest

A pond we found on the way

At last! We made it. I have been wanting to check this cathedral out for a year!

A sign by the cathedral informing us that we were on holy ground and we needed to conduct ourselves in a tasteful manner

Violet likes to gather flowers along the road.

Having some fun at a playground that we found

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