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Cat Circus & Селёдка!

Hi Friends!

On Saturday we were invited to attend кошек театре (cat theater) with some friends. It’s basically clowns doing tricks with cats! It was fun & cute. Afterwards, our friends came over our apartment and made us a traditional Russian dish called “селедка под шубой” which is translated to “Herring under a fur coat”. It’s a casserole of sorts with raw herring on the bottom, followed by raw onions, cooked – shredded potatoes, carrots, beets with mayonnaise in between and hard boiled eggs on top with dill as a garnish. Thanks to our friends Andrei & Julia for making great food! Here are some pictures from the day.

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Walking and talking

Bring on the cats!

Smallest bike in the world!

Hold on cat!

It was a race...Boris - the cat with the Russian flag, won.

Somebody is excited for селедка!

Preparing the herring

starting to layer ingredients in the pan



Julia with the finished product

Ready to eat!

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