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Siberian Pine – Сибирский кедр

Today during our break at class, our teacher brought out a pine cone from her stuff and asked us if we wanted to try it. I thought, “What… you can eat pine cones here?” Of course not, she was talking about the nuts inside the pine cone. A friend of hers had brought it back from Siberia. I had heard of pine nuts before, but I guess I had never thought about the nuts coming from pine cones.

the pine cone - home to pine nuts... now I know

When she handed the nut to Micah, he just tossed the whole thing in his mouth. Which was the wrong thing to do. He made quite an interesting face and said that he didn’t like it. But with further instructions, we figured out you need to open their shells first. Haha!

now it will taste better, Micah!

And maybe I have just never smelled a pine cone before, but this pine cone smelled great! Sorry that I can’t add smell here for you.

You can check out more about Siberian Pines here and about Pine Nuts here.

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