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Ten Months


Our little baby is ten months old!

This month he has been pulling himself up on the couch and other pieces of furniture. He isn’t pulling himself all the way up to his feet, but he is almost there.


He has been eating lots of different kinds of foods.

He loves fruit and bread and he really likes broccoli and mashed potatoes.


He loves when Micah plays guitar.


We love our happy, cuddly little guy.

Ice Skating

For the past month or so the temperature has been anywhere from -15 C (5 F) to about 0 C (32 F). We have been told this is the perfect time for ice skating. They have lots of different areas to go to on the nearby river and branches of it.  The ice is still very frozen and hard but it’s not so terribly cold out.  Some days it actually feels warm compared to what it had been this winter.

So the other evening, Violet and I met up with Elisabeth to try it out.


They have a little building right by the ice where you can rent your skates if you don’t own any.


She did ok for it being her third time ever. But I’m surprised she didn’t complain of a sore butt the next day.





Worker girl…

…this is what she calls herself.

A little while ago in a package we received from Micah’s family, were some surprises for Violet. Before Christmas she had asked for her own hammer (she wants to be like daddy). Well, she got that and more. They sent a hammer, screwdriver, nails and screws, two boards with holes for the nails and screws, tool belt, hardhat, and a few other things that go into the tool belt that every little worker girl needs. She was beyond happy.






Even Keith enjoys it too.

Well… it might have been Violet’s idea to dress him up.




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